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Party Equipment Rental at Your Doorstep in St. Louis

If you’re searching for the ultimate party equipment rental service in Saint Louis, look no further than Archetowne Gaming! We provide various outdoor games suitable for all ages and occasions. Whether planning a lively party, a corporate outing, or a family reunion, we’ve got the perfect entertainment solution for you! 

We rent out gaming equipment that’ll keep the party going for hours. So what are you waiting for? Call us today to learn more about our exquisite services. 

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Enjoy Our Gaming Truck Rental Paradise

Let’s talk about the show’s star: our eMobile gaming truck! This is where the magic happens, folks. Here are some fantastic advantages of choosing our mobile gaming solution. We guarantee you have fun which you haven’t experienced before. 

All-In-One Gaming Haven

Step inside our eMobile gaming truck and prepare to be blown away. It’s a gaming paradise on wheels! We’ve got it all – stunning graphics, mind-blowing sound systems, wall-mounted LEDs, cozy seating arrangements, and much more. It’s the ultimate gaming experience, packaged and delivered right to you.

Hassle-Free Setup and Cleanup

ArcheTowne Gaming knows you want to focus on having a great time, not dealing with setup and cleanup. Well, good news! We have installed everything on the truck to give you a mesmerising time you haven’t experienced before. All we want you to do is indulge in gaming and have a great time. 

Socialise and Connect

Are you planning a small event for your youngsters at home? Guess what? ArcheTowne Gaming has aimed to create a lively social environment where friends, family, and fellow gamers can come together to share the joy of gaming. It’s all about creating memories you’ll remember for the rest of your life. 

So, are you ready to level up your event with ArcheTowne Gaming? Don’t wait for another second! Contact us today to discuss your requirements and secure your booking.

Video Game Consoles We Have

Were you in search of a reliable mobile gaming truck in Saint Louise? Well, guess what? We have everything that you need to have fun with your friends. Our truck has the latest video games for you and your family to enjoy. So get ready to dive into your life’s most immersive gaming experiences! Whether you’re a Fortnite fanatic, a sports lover addicted to 2K Basketball and Madden Football, or a racing enthusiast conquering the tracks in Forza, we have the games that will keep everyone entertained.


(2) PS4

(4) XBOX 360 and Xbox 1

Nintendo Switch

Outdoor Games With Our Party Equipment Rental

A beautiful sunny day, a backyard full of laughter, the sound of Jenga blocks crashing down, or the thrill of connecting giant pieces in an oversized game of Connect. That’s what Archetowne Gaming is all about—bringing outdoor gaming excitement to your special occasion! Whether you’re throwing a birthday bash, organizing a corporate event, or planning a community get-together, our outdoor games like Jenga and Giant Connect will have everyone cheering and having a blast. Call us if you want an early booking!


Do you have the precision and patience to move without bringing the whole tower down? Well, that is what Jenga is about. It is a game that tests your steady hand and strategic thinking. If you are hosting a party at your home, this will create laughter, friendly competition, and a memorable family moment. Contact us today to book your party equipment rentals and let the outdoor gaming fun begin!

Giant Connect Four

Everyone is a big fan of classic Connect Four, and you’ll love our larger-than-life version: Giant Connect! With its oversized dimensions, it becomes an eye-catching center piece at any event. It’s a game of skill, strategy, and quick thinking. So if you plan to arrange a party at home, it’ll be better to contact us. We’ll arrange activities/games for all the kids or adults. Call us today to get quotes. 

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